As the world's largest green and clean energy specialist of the printing and typesetting industry. Mirzada Petroleum has been the industry.



Mirzada Petroleum is one of the best industry and its leading industry in Afghanistan it has worldwide services and happy customers and it has other services also.



We do provide the best storage of oil services in no matter in what situation we make our service better for our customers in order to do good business with them

Mirzada Petroleum Ltd

MPL is a petroleum and L.P.G. supply, trade and distribution company. MPL provides its clients with comprehensive A to Z fuel supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of fuels. We buy our fuels directly from refineries and have full traceability to ensure our clients receive the best quality and standards. We ensure security of supply so fuel is available when and where our clients need it. •Our operations include fuel supply, handling, storage and distribution. As a major supplier of diesel, aviation fuel, petrol and LPG throughout Afghanistan and Central Asia, MPL Gas is uniquely positioned to support its clients. Our petroleum storage facilities are of international standard with a total storage capacity over 10,000 mt. •MPL headquarters is located in Mirzada tower Parwan3 4th district Kabul Afghanistan , with supporting offices and facilities throughout the region. ``

We Provide Our Services

To many clients like government, homes and offices
Awesome Employees

Our services are so awesome of passages of Mirzada LTD available

Maximum Power

Get Unlimited Energy of passages of Mirzada LTD Service

Oil Resources

Mirzada LTD provides the resources of oil also for customers its a part of services

Continues Development

We always think development in our services and products to make them better

Chemical Analysis

Our Company has chemical Analysis also for better and good services

We Fight Polution

We always think of reducing the bad pollution around our industrial place for good health

We Think About The Consumer

Mirzada LTD always think of consumer and make for them better services

We Care About Envirement

Mirzada LTD always do the good environment for good and better life of people

Our Projects

Mirzada Petroleum LTD has different projects on this field and we provide best services and leading company in Afghanistan

Mirzada Petroleum LTD will help to hardware startups integrate Petroleum, scale and desirability without compromise